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Project Type: Mixed Media \ Photography \ Sculpturing
Time: 2022 - Present

'Monitored' is a project whose origins can be traced to my experience as a child growing up alongside my mother's battle with cancer. The cancer's implications on our lives was never spoken of, and silences acted as replacements for dialogue – increasing my sense of dread. My constant fear of death did not disappear after my mother's passing; as an adult, I find myself unable to repress this sense of dread – especially due to the medical monitoring I must endure on a regular basis, which is meant to protect my life but also highlights their transitory nature.

This project subjugates the body to a two-way process. On the one hand, creating cast sculptures and then photographing them, in order to narrow three-dimensional figures into "almost medical" two-dimensional perspectives. On the other hand, incorporating two dimensional medical scans into digital collages, video art and three-dimensional performance sculptures.

This work-in-progress project is a physical exploration that moves from the outside-in and the inside-out, between what is known and what is yet to occur.

The starting point is the physical realm ("what exists"), while the end point is always inevitable, known and spoken. By recreating the repetitive monitoring experience through both the work process and the art itself, the project deals with the ability to live in the face of death, while withstanding the dread of waiting for its arrival.



video  01:10

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