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Adi is a multi-disciplinary artist and the owner of KOLKORE, a studio for personal and professional development. She lives and creates in Israel.

Adi's art explores questions of identity and continuation, and the ability to reaffirm them through a constant kneading of material and meaning. Adi uses her body, objects from daily life, and different personal, family and collective materials as key identity components.

By applying techniques such as cutting, omitting, disassembly & assembly, bodily impressions and a myriad of forced connections, Adi creates an evolution of the photographic image, engages in a discourse between two and three-dimensional mediums, and exposes absence as a physical presence for the world to see. It is an ongoing dialogue of exploration, exposure, and reconstruction where the personal defines the universal and vice versa – creating a wider point of reference.

Adi's work was displayed in several group exhibitions, including the PHOTO IS:RAEL international photography festival in Tel Aviv and the Bank Hapoalim Israeli Art exhibit.

Prior to becoming an artist, Adi was active in the business sector as a VP of business development and a strategic and management development consultant. Alongside her academic credentials, she is also a trained photo-therapist (Musrara Art School), group leader and social & economic policy maker. A graduate of Hamidrasha's Personal Art Program (Beit Berl College Faculty of Art) and SPEX Self-Portrait Experience, Adi continues to deepen her artistic education. 

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